Are you looking for an editor or content writer for your business or personal blog?

I want to help you stay in your zone of expertise, while you outsource the tedious task of proofreading to someone who is passionate about writing!

I assist busy entrepreneurs to write better content through proofreading, editing and fact-checking!

I am an experienced freelance writer and copy editor. I have worked with the same online company for over 10 years! Proofreading project details, contracts and online communication. Editing website content and copy.

We all know the importance of well-written content, whether it’s an article, ebook, advertisement, or just a social media post. Nothing can lose a prospect to your competition as quickly as a commonly misspelled word or poor grammar choice.

I research all of my work – business and topics – to better understand and get inside the content I am editing. This will ensure a complete understanding of the message you – the client – are attempting to portray and make for a more effective copy in the end.

Pay securely through fiverr or upwork!

Contact me to start discussing your project, I look forward to working with you!

Hire Proofreader & Copy-Editor

Service DetailsCopy-editProofread
Delivery Days (for smaller projects, 1-5 pages)1-31-2
Grammar, spelling and syntax review
Structural editShared in feedback
Fiction / Non-fiction / personal bloging etc.$0.020/word$0.015/word
Business & Sales$0.035 /word$0.025 /word
Content rewrite+$25+$25
Pay securely through fiverr or upwork

But why do I need a proofreader?

You could merely save yourself the money, proofread and edit your work yourself, right? Why not?

Unfortunately, this is much less likely to leave you with the outcome you desire.

It is much harder to catch mistakes when you’ve been working on a piece for a while. No matter how fastidious you are, you just cannot proofread your own work! It is like a chef judging their own meal for taste! You will forever read over your work as you intend for it to be heard instead of the way it may be perceived by your reader.

As a professional proofreader, I can go through your piece with fresh eyes and a sharper perspective. Thus ensuring your writing can be proofread accurately, leaving your work with a more professional appearance as a properly proofread document. Saving you time to keep working on what you love and making more money for your business, instead of slaving over a document you’re afraid to make mistakes on.

Need a Content Writer?

Did you know that Google takes note of how often the content on your website is updated? Websites that regularly update their content show a sign of quality and credibility, ranking them higher in search engines! Neglecting to update the content on your website can even negatively affect your site’s search engine ranking.

One of the primary reasons companies don’t blog or update their website regularly is, they simply don’t have the time. Because of this, these tasks often end up getting pushed aside. Hiring a content writer ensures these important content updates aren’t forgotten about or done in a rush.

I am a professional native English writer. I take the time necessary to research each voice I am writing for to ensure quality and meaningful content.

I am a natural health enthusiast who enjoys researching and learning new things. Most of the content I’ve written has related to parenting, health, or the Christian Film industry. I do not limit myself to these topics, but I am very passionate in these areas.

Contact me to start discussing your project, I look forward to working with you!

Hire Content Writer

Content TypeBasicUse of keywords
Standard Web content
– About page
– content pages
(per section title)
– etc.
Business / Expert content$0.15/word$0.20/word
Blog post / Article (Up to 1500 words)
– Topic-specific
– Please provide a clear outline of what you would like covered
– This may include 1-3 appropriate graphics to be added to the post
(You may provide your own or I will use free unmarked images from sources
such as

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