This is our homesteading journey!

~ A journey to a happier, healthier natural lifestyle and appreciation for living ~

We don’t live off in the boonies…

We don’t have acres of farming land…

We live in the middle of a growing BC town in a neighbourhood that’s just 5 minutes from “downtown”, and just happen to own one of the few homes with a larger sized city lot.

Since becoming a mother in 2008, I have gradually made myself more aware of what actually makes up the products we use in our lives.

My husband carries no hesitation in calling me a modernized hippie – and I am totally fine with that!
I believe in no solids before 6 months, homemade baby-food, no dairy of any kind before 8 – 10 months and breastfeeding at least 1 full year. I’m also a fan of baby led weening  and other food transitions as well as bed sharing and letting my kids get sick, climb trees and swim in the river!

I won’t lie, I have cheated on the baby-food  a bit with our first two – more so with our second, and I still buy processed cheese slices for my grilled cheese sandwiches and treat our family to fast food.

As I said – it’s a journey!

We are all imperfect people and I’m sure we will continue to indulge in our societies conveniences.

That said, I do my best to find safe alternative means for common health ails despite the looks or disapproval of friends, family and various acquaintances! We also choose to purchase organic or from local farmers when we can.

We used to have a few tomato plants a few years back, and I remember having the luxury of a full garden for a point in my childhood. I can say without a doubt – there is no comparison! I have longed for our own fresh food garden and hope to grow into having chickens, goats, pigs, horses… The ability to sustain ourselves outside of the societal norms.

It’s 2017 – our children are turning 3, 7, and 9 this year – I’m ready!

Step 1 – The GreenHouse!

We live in the prairies and so it can get extremely windy where we live. The weather is also extremely unpredictable these days. Add that to the kids, the dog and the cats running around, we have decided the best way to do this is with an enclosed greenhouse. Thankfully we have plenty of yard space to build a decent sized one without losing a significant amount of our families outside living space!