An Open Letter To The Church

It is time for our churches to wake up. I know that you are doing the best that you think you can right now, and I am sorry that we cannot agree on what is right at the moment. But that same “inner voice” that has guided me my whole life, and that same voice that was right every time […]

The Science Behind Face Masks!

Everyone knows I can’t stand this whole plandemic! We’re now 6 months into it and places are starting to make face masks a really big deal! people are being bullied and the division is quickly becoming an issue! Pro-mask folk can be flat out mean! Two statements I’m hearing and seeing a lot of are;1) “Don’t be ignorant, do your […]

Child anxiety through covid-19 – Being the calm within the storm!

I mentioned it in an earlier post, coming across a poll considering the shift in focus from academics to mental health once school resumes. I personally was not on-board with the idea. I love my kids to death, but let’s be honest! For many, this was just an extended spring break – or early start to summer holidays! I’m not […]

Controlling The Masses – 2020 ‘PlanDemic’

At the risk of stirring controversy, here goes! Since the beginning of all this Covid-19 / coronavirus panic, I’ve questioned the legitimacy of the actual virus. I have no doubt it’s truly making people sick and more severe for others, but I have serious doubts about it’s origin and purpose – yes purpose! I’m a thinker. Even before I approch […]

“State-Sponsored Child Abuse”

What has this nation come to? When did #canada decide to obliterate #parentalrights? When did our #society decide that a #minor, without the right to vote or even the expectation of being mentally capable of providing sexual #consent or recently the right to get a job, was mentally fit to make PERMANENT #LifeChanging body altering decisions that will affect the rest of their lives! When did our #school and #medical systems become the #authority for shaping […]