Online Tools

Some Online Favourites

  • Khan Academy – This is an amazing resource for all grades and for so many subjects! I mainly use it for math with my kids, because it has very easy lessons for learning new concepts. Signup fist as a parent to assign work to your children and allow them to be independent in their own accounts.
  • Duolingo – FREE language lessons that can also been used on a tablet! We have used Duolingo for years! Our oldest took an online french class that used Rosetta Stone and there was very little difference, in fact our daughter prefered Duolingo!
  • Prodigy – This one is available in an app as well. All our kids love to play this during free time! The entire game moves forward in math problems. The problems are based on grade level. You can setup a parents account online in order to manage your childrens grade level or you can just let it progress on its own. The “smart” technology will constantly challenge your child and progress with them!
  • Scratch! – My kids love to do this just in their spare time! Scratch is a fun way to learn coding for most ages, by creating fun animations!
  • is a member of the steering committee that helped establish the K-12 Computer Science Framework – a high-level guide for states, districts, and organizations implementing computer science education. The Framework has won the support of hundreds of academics, K-12 educators, software companies, nonprofits, and states.
  • Math Games – Math! Great for all elementary students! Signup first as a parent to be able to track progress and math ability and assign practice.
  • Typing – Full Typing lessons and games. Signup first as a parent to be able to track and set goals for your ‘class’.
  • K5Learning – Printables!
  • Gizmos – Our kids have so much fun here! Many math and science lessons that include printouts to go along with the activity in each ‘gizmo’. This does require a paid subscription however, they do offer some free as well.
  • IXL – This one requires a subscription, but it is an excellent resource for math and English! I love to use this one alongside others. I often will use Khan Academy math to teach a concept and then come back to IXL for the practice and reinforcement!
  • Reading Eggs – All our kids love this! The “smart” technology will constantly challenge your child and progress with them! This is really great for just learning to read or even strengthening a struggling readers skills. Our oldest was disappointed when I told her she had outgrown this subscription!

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