We jumped on the homeschool wagon in 2018!

We jumped on the homeschool wagon in 2018! Homeschooling was a temporary decision for our oldest to get refocussed. Before I had kids, homeschooling was what I felt we should do, but I was just too happy to not, once the day of schooling finally came. However, after that school year – I’m loving it!

Kindergarten served her well, but from first grade onward I saw what the public system did to her. She got lazy academically and bored! After that year of homeschooling, I saw first hand what just one school year at home did for her! We pulled her out for the final term of grade 4 – every year was the same complaints – unfocussed, won’t sit still, incomplete work etc. and by the time she was in grade 4, she was a very bright child who would do just enough not to get by in class and was receiving mainly C’s in everything!

Fast forward to her ‘reward’ – back in a school for grade 6 and she’s an A/B student – primarily A’s! What else is there to say!

In light of this 2020 pandemic, we have enrolled all our kids for homeschooling through an Independent Distance Learning (IDL) School for the next school year and going forward!

If you’re just getting started on your homeschooling journey – welcome!

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