Faith Family Resources

Faith Family Resources


This one is my favourite for ordering curriculum! Great news! Yes, they accept PO#’s! Your IDL will likely already have a setup for ordering on your behalf here.


Youversion is amazing! We discovered it first in the app store, but it is also available online. We take our bibles with us everywhere on our device! There are numerous bible versions available on there – pick whichever is right for you – change it up and compare with other versions as you go! You can also find audios and video studies.

Our whole family is on this app! The way it works really reminds me of Facebook, but for the bible! You can add friends and family, join together in bible studies etc. Our younger daughter was set up at 7 years old I believe and we set her up with the International Children’s Version.

There is a separate Youversion child app as well for young children who don’t really read on their own yet or just need more interaction to stay engaged! We use this app with our 5-year-old and he really enjoys it! The app uses short child-version bible stories, will read to your child with more of a story-book format, and present a quiz or activity at the end for comprehension. When this is passed it will move your child onto the next ‘level’ or story!

Mom Strong International

MomStrong International is a members-only (free and paid) network designed to equip you for a job that only you can do: to train your children to hear God’s voice and to walk in truth no matter where our culture is heading.

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