Welcome To Homeschooling!

Welcome To Homeschooling!

Resources are key to our home learning success! My hats off to those who can do it with ease for multiple children, I did it for one, and am moving into a whole new era with 4! – Wish me luck!

I know that learning at home looks a little differently from house to house and even more so from country to country and state to state! Saying that, please be sure to find the rules and regulations relevant to your area.

I am homeschooling in BC, Canada!

If you are interested in following the current BC curriculum, you can find that here.

One important thing to keep in mind when looking over your provincial curriculum – as I was told when first starting out – not everything is covered in B&M schools! Focus on the “Big Ideas”. All the “topics” are mostly for a guide to keep most B&M schools in sync.

Registered or Enrolled?

In Canada we have two options for learning at home. The more traditional homeschooling is “registered homeschooling”. This is where you essentially tell the government that you are fulfilling your duty to educate your child, but you are not held to any standard of learning, have the freedom to teach literally whatever you choose and do not answer to any school or teacher.

You can register with any school you choose. You can find one online or choose your local B&M.

Enrolled homeschooling – often referred to as Distance Learning or DL homeschooling, is a style of learning at home while still enrolled in the school system. Depending on which school you choose, your freedom to choose your curriculum and resources will vary.

In light of the 2020 pandemic, some B&M schools now offer DL through the district. If you are enrolled in your district DL program, this will also look differently that typical DL enrollment.

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