Welcome to my writing journey!

Let me start by introducing myself!

I am a Work at Home, homeschooling Mother of four children! Trying to navigate through a poisoned culture, keeping God in mind and heart. My name is Desiree and I am the main mama behind Mama’s Voice

I love to learn and keep busy!

Where I’m Writing

Mamas Voice was my starting point. Here I’ve always written more in the style of a personal journal, there’s more on what you’ll find here below.

Over the web, I’ve found small content writing jobs through Upwork (not the greatest option for the freelancer looking to be valued, but not a bad spot to get your feet wet!). I’ve also been published on Vocal and share on Medium. Just about everything you find on these two sites you’ll also find here – maybe better edited for the public eye, share-ability and tips!

More About Me

Mama's Voice, Wisekal, Being Mom, Mamas Voice

My Passion

I feel that God has put us here to do more than just ‘go with the flow’. We were meant to work our own land, teach our own kids, and take care of our own health alongside Him!

I am passionate about holistic health, ‘alternative medicine’ and God!
I believe God gave us all the tools we need before science tried to take over, and I’m continually studying to increase my knowledge and learn more about holistic alternatives to health, as well as homesteading! I hope to get certified in naturopathic medicine when my homeschooling days are behind us!

What’s Here

I write about being a mother, a wife and a woman as honestly as possible.

You’ll find an array of different topics here including an ongoing collection of my favourite recipes, activities for young children, deep thoughts on things like parenthood, marriage after kids, pregnancy as well as uncut and uncensored posts about child birth lies fears and truths!

You’ll find I do have very strong personal standings however, let me say right now – I don’t judge anyone! Each person is their own, and entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. I’m not here to tell you how to do things “right“, I’m simply here to share my own opinions based on my own experiences and just because I don’t agree with you, doesn’t mean I don’t respect you or we can’t be friends!

Thanks for reading 🙂