Five Things You Should Know About Homeschooling In Canada

Home learning is becoming increasingly popular with the fear around covid-19. Many families making the switch, have no idea what there options are or where to start. Making the switch for the first time can feel very overwhelming and it’s very easy to be “bullied” into doing things unnecessarily harder than it needs to be. Before we jump in, I […]

Our Curriculum Picks!

We’ve recently discovered “Funschooling” and loving it! This is bookwork my kids actually want to do! Funschooling is a curriculum built by an inspiring homeschooling mom named Sarah Brown! I absolutely love this system she has put together and I only wish I’d discovered it sooner! Homeschooling isn’t supposed to be dreadful! Do you remember when your children were just […]

Welcome To Homeschooling!

Resources are key to our home learning success! My hats off to those who can do it with ease for multiple children, I did it for one, and am moving into a whole new era with 4! – Wish me luck! Find out more about the “Fun-Schooling” journey! I know that learning at home looks a little differently from house […]