True Confessions Of A Housewife

I’m a modern housewife of going on twelve years with three beautiful children and (for the most part) a great husband. I really actually can’t complain – it’s what I technically dreamed of as a young girl from an unstable broken home. Some days though! Have you ever dropped the kids off at school or just gotten in the car […]

My Husband or My Best Friend

A lot of people – even my own husband – will say their spouse is their best friend. I personally¬†find the statement to be rather clich√©, and my husband has actually felt offended when I have not reciprocated this feeling. …So now you’re thinking, well that’s never going to last… – but stay with me! I think if your marriage […]

Marriage After Kids

After becoming parents for the first time, I expected some obvious lifestyle changes but nothing prepared me for the changes it would make to my mariage!

That first year or 3 that you’re together before that first “bundle of joy” enters your life, life is what it is and none of it matters because you […]