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Little Fairy Doors!

This is a beautiful little addition to any garden as well as a little shelf in any little girls bedroom!

Little fairy doors are originally an Irish tradition but are becoming increasingly popular everywhere!

My daughter received her little door for her 8th birhtday and  loves decorating her fairies little area and is always so excited when she receives her tiny letters!

Her fairies presence has helped tremendously with encouraging her to keep a tidy room – because her fairy will not respond to notes or gifts if it is just too messy!

This here is a little booklet I put together for her using the information found on the official Irish fairy door company website where you can find your very own door! Please feel free to download my free Little Fairy Door E-Book!

Baltic Amber Teething!

Gemstone healing is seen as a bit taboo, but is increasing in popularity as more and more people just like myself are trying to get away from the constant toxic intake of pharmaceuticals!

The first time I came across the idea of baltic amber teething jewelry I was very skeptical! A lot of “official” sites will try to scientifically debunk the whole idea of these –  or any other gemstone – of having any possible healing effects,! For those who take that information for absolute truth, I am sad for you!

I am a firm believer in holistic and alternative care, and I have seen first hand with my own 3 babies just how helpful these can be.

Crystal healing is an ancient and natural healing method. Visit this website for more information and to purchase yours!


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