Online Tools

Some Online Favourites Free Khan Academy – This is an amazing resource for all grades and for so many subjects! I mainly use it for math with my kids, because it has very easy lessons for learning new concepts. Signup fist as a parent to assign work to your children and allow them to be independent in their own accounts. Duolingo – […]

Faith Family Resources

ChristianBook This one is my favourite for ordering curriculum! Great news! Yes, they accept PO#’s! Your IDL will likely already have a setup for ordering on your behalf here. YouVersion Youversion is amazing! We discovered it first in the app store, but it is also available online. We take our bibles with us everywhere on our device! There are numerous […]

Welcome To Homeschooling!

Resources are key to our home learning success! My hats off to those who can do it with ease for multiple children, I did it for one, and am moving into a whole new era with 4! – Wish me luck! Find out more about the “Fun-Schooling” journey! I know that learning at home looks a little differently from house […]

Child anxiety through covid-19 – Being the calm within the storm!

I mentioned it in an earlier post, coming across a poll considering the shift in focus from academics to mental health once school resumes. I personally was not on-board with the idea. I love my kids to death, but let’s be honest! For many, this was just an extended spring break – or early start to summer holidays! I’m not […]

Controlling The Masses – 2020 ‘PlanDemic’

At the risk of stirring controversy, here goes! Since the beginning of all this Covid-19 / coronavirus panic, I’ve questioned the legitimacy of the actual virus. I have no doubt it’s truly making people sick and more severe for others, but I have serious doubts about it’s origin and purpose – yes purpose! I’m a thinker. Even before I approch […]