Elderberry: Uses and Health Benefits

Elderberry, also known as Sambucus scientifically, comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘aeld‘ meaning ‘fire’ and is a staple in our home. Whenever we buy cough or cold “medicine” at our local health food store, depending on the severity, we either grab a honey base or elderberry! Elderberry plants are native to Europe, Asia, and here in North America and are […]

Chicken Chicks For Beginners!

When our family ventured into raising poultry, we decided we would wait on Turkeys because all research (and word of mouth) said these were birds that “liked to die”, so we stuck to chickens! We bought eight hens and a rooster, and quickly moved into egg incubation to grow our flock and quickly learned, chicks also “like to die”! As […]

Pickled Fresh Summer Treat!

I found this recipe in one of my favourite canning groups on Facebook and it is fabulous! This is one of my first canning projects, not only did this look wonderful, but there was no complicated canning process or water bathing etc.! All you need is the food and the jars! I imagine you could likely use any combination of […]

Types Of Content To Drive Your Business

Every business needs a writer! Every online business needs content, and every online business needs that content updated regularly! Did you know that Google takes note of how often the content on your website is updated? Websites that regularly update their content show a sign of quality and credibility, ranking them higher in search engines! Neglecting to update the content […]

How To Be A Successful Freelance Writing Mom!

So you want to be a writer! Writing is not fun, in fact, sometimes it’s incredibly difficult. It requires 100% focus and attention, and just when you’ve reached that peak of your creative mind, a toddler is hungry or a child is asking you what 60 times 4 is – just because! The key to being a good writer is […]

Five Things You Should Know About Homeschooling In Canada

Home learning is becoming increasingly popular with the fear around covid-19. Many families making the switch, have no idea what there options are or where to start. Making the switch for the first time can feel very overwhelming and it’s very easy to be “bullied” into doing things unnecessarily harder than it needs to be. Before we jump in, I […]