Controlling The Masses – 2020 ‘PlanDemic’

At the risk of stirring controversy, here goes! Since the beginning of all this Covid-19 / coronavirus panic, I’ve questioned the legitimacy of the actual virus. I have no doubt it’s truly making people sick and more severe for others, but I have serious doubts about it’s origin and purpose – yes purpose! I’m a thinker. Even before I approch […]

DIY Marbled Mugs

Easy, do it yourself, marbled mugs with video! Make as gift or just something fun to add a little character to your cupboard! Get creative and turn any ordinary dish into a lasting work of art!


Paper Toy Flextangles empower kids to explore the world through creativity! Decorating these and then seeing how the patterns and colors translate once folded is a wonderful exercise in geometric planning.

An easy to follow video, as well as a set of written instructions.