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Types Of Content To Drive Your Business

Types Of Content To Drive Your Business

Every business needs a writer!

Every online business needs content, and every online business needs that content updated regularly!

Did you know that Google takes note of how often the content on your website is updated? Websites that regularly update their content show a sign of quality and credibility, ranking them higher in search engines! Neglecting to update the content on your website can even negatively affect your site’s search engine ranking.

Hiring a content writer ensures these important content updates aren’t forgotten about or done in a rush by a busy entrepreneur!

Remember that piece of content that made you scroll back through your newsfeed just to see what the website was really about? Or, made you linger a little bit longer on their website and maybe even ended up buying from there? Yes, of course, you do! That is what a great and engaging content writer does!!

What are some different types of content?

This is not an exhaustive list, just some basic different content types that writers specialize in. These can each add different valuable engagement and drive for a website, brand and business!

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Blog Content

Blogging is a quick and easy way to get in front of qualified leads and build an online presence. Consistency is key! Writing blog posts on a regular schedule will show customers that you are an expert in your field. Blog content can also get you found in Google by writing articles on specific questions and needs that your customers search for.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts’ content plays a vital role in how a company engages new leads and existing customers. You can also implement user-generated content in social media where customers post images or partake in surveys. This is a great way to build an online presence even if you have a limited budget and resources.


Infographics are another example of a content type one can use to share lots of information, within a format that is easy to consume and understand. This type of content uses simple graphics and a minimalist design to explain a process and concept related to a business.

Video Content

Video content is a great way to connect with an audience because videos allow you to share complex information through an interactive medium. People love watching videos because video content is easy to consume, this makes the sharing of information quicker, as opposed to a blog post or other types of content.


Ebooks are a useful type of long-form content that a business can use to provide value beyond simple blog posts and short-form content. Ebooks are more extended pieces of content that allow you to show your knowledge and experience on a given topic.

White papers

White papers are research guides and in-depth reports that help a customer solve a problem. These dense documents cover specific topics in great detail. This type of content helps educate customers about a specific problem and then provides step-by-step instructions to address that problem or question.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a type of content that you can use to reach customers at the end of the ‘decision state’ of their customer journey. Paid search advertising is a marketing method you can use to stand out from your competition on platforms like Google and Facebook.

Case Studies

Case studies are customer success stories that illustrate how your business has helped a specific client or customer become successful. Your business can use case studies to highlight special applications or uses for its services and products. Testimonials are a type of case study that you can use on your site. Content marketers use testimonials and case studies to build trust with customers as they approach a purchasing decision.

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