“Anti – Vaxers” of the 21st century!

You’re probably here expecting to read over the oh-so-common bashing of what CNN recorded as 5% of the USA population and between 73% and 91% of Canadians according to Ottawa. If you haven’t been paying attention, you may not have noticed that I would be one of those grouped under the ‘Anti – Vax’ label. Let me just say that […]

The Holistic Approach

When it comes to our health, today’s society is taught to rely on their MD Physician, public health nurse or pharmacist. All of whom operate under the same modern health system – referred to as “western medicine”. However, the holistic movement is making an increasing comeback, offering possible solutions to certain chronic conditions in which “conventional” medicine is more limited, […]

How To Feel Alive In a World That Only Promotes Existence…

For the past five years (at least) I’ve struggled a lot with depression – nothing ‘official’ –  and I’ve always managed to pull myself out of it. These last two years have been increasingly difficult as I struggle with where our lives are going and what the point of everything we do actually is. Each decision we make is shaping […]