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“Anti – Vaxers” of the 21st century!

“Anti – Vaxers” of the 21st century!

You’re probably here expecting to read over the oh-so-common bashing of what CNN recorded as 5% of the USA population and between 73% and 91% of Canadians according to Ottawa.

If you haven’t been paying attention, you may not have noticed that I would be one of those grouped under the ‘Anti – Vax’ label. Let me just say that I find this rather hypocritical in our rapidly growing ‘snowflake’ society! You all sure love to pick and choose when it’s suiting…


I was  recently tagged on Facebook in a Global News ‘report’ on a Measles ‘outbreak’ that eventually goes on to, once again, bring out the so-called fraudulent autism study by Doctor Andrew Wakefield as its defense against the ‘anti-vaxers’ – “who are clearly to blame” for this devastating moment in our history. Some of the comments on this article asked what everyone is so afraid of – they have had or know of someone who’s had and survived having measles, mumps, chicken pox etc.

What no one seems to consider, is we – and many of our elders – all survived the “devastating” lack of vaccines.

It is articles like these that cause the growing fear of these illnesses, because they specifically target the inexperience of this generation of parents.

(Please Note: By “inexperience” of course, I mean, we’ve never dealt with these diseases. Either we were too young to remember what it was like having them, or we simply haven’t had to come across them yet.)

With this in mind, they can say whatever they want to get their agenda passed. 

For all of those who would like to argue about the people they know of, who have had major complications or died, keep in mind it’s only the “vulnerable” who have issues – those who are already in poor health. Not to say these people don’t matter, but perhaps our society as a whole should be learning what it actually is to be healthy, and how to build our immune systems so not to be vulnerable when these illnesses come about.

Let’s be 100% truthful about vaccines.

Let’s see a full report on the warning inserts that most parents overlook.

For the sake of the MMR vaccine that is being discussed in the Global News article, I have screen-shotted the known adverse effects outlined right there in the insert for you:




That teeny tiny “insignificant” and “unlikely” side effect that’s been boxed in red – is what nearly killed our 4 month old daughter and put our family into severe debt as we fought to save her life. THIS is the real reason for this mamas “anti-vax” decision.

Please stop grouping us together in a big red box of uninformed idiot parents!

Here’s one final thought for you to ponder – Why would a system that profits trillions annually from the sick, want to keep everyone healthy – that’s just bad for business! 🤔

If the government actually cared about our health, there’d be no GMOs, there’d be no processed foods, there’d be no masquerading “organic”, there would just be food – Naturally grown and stored without harmful interventions. A “small” amount of poison may not kill everyone, but it may kill some, and it’s still not good for your overall health!

The biggest part that bugs me about the whole hate for the ‘anti-vax’ movement,  is their close minded, constant defensive come back to the “fraudulent “ autism link – as if that’s the only possible reason someone would choose to opt out of chemical injections 🙄

You ask: would you rather risk your child possibly dying of a disease there’s a vaccine for, then maybe get autism from that vaccine?

I ask: Would you rather risk your child dying from an overlooked side effect for a lower (not 100%) chance of getting an illness that your child may or may not be able to fight, then allow them the slightly higher (not 100%) chance of maybe or maybe not getting an illness that they may or may not be able to fight?

which risk would you be able to live with – the one where you made your own informed decision, or the one where you did what everyone else said to – if it was your child that just became a statistic?

Please keep in mind, I’m not here to argue whether or not vaccines cause autism – I have no idea! My point is irrelevant to autism.

Please Share your thoughts!