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Why It’s OK To Be “Just” A Stay At Home Mom

Why It’s OK To Be “Just” A Stay At Home Mom

It’s no secret I’m a frequent flyer on facebook – it’s how I keep in touch with my family and friends of whom I live nowhere near. It is also how I keep in touch with the going ons of the world as we watch Netflix not cable. Being on Facebook, I see a lot of random images with quotes, statements or standpoints within my Newsfeed. I’ve seen a variety of these on the topic of how one is never “Just” a stay at home Mom, with imaginary monetary worth based on today’s wages as well as occupational titles for the various roles we play in the lives of our loved ones.

I’m not a scholar, I don’t have any degrees or supposed specialties. But before I met my fiance and had children I was very independent. I had a crappy job with people I enjoyed spending time with and I went to school at the local college to complete my upgrading and “become something” in this world. I had goals!

I’ve been basically on my own since I was 15 and I’ve always been either in school or working or both. I’ve payed my own bills, done my own grocery shopping, bought my own home and worked myself for everything I had.  Now my fiance does all those things I used to do before I met him and so when I sit here and say “I am just a stay at home mom”, this really is how I feel!

As of June 2008 I have been Just a stay at home mom. Many in my position take offense to that statement, and I often offend myself with it. But I am just a stay at home mom and that’s OK!

I often get so caught up in the endless routines of being a mom and a wife, that I forget about myself. I forget that this IS an accomplishment! I forget that I AM doing something important to contribute! I forget that being a stay at home mom isn’t just an endless waste of my day.

I have no drive for self  goals of greatness anymore.

I’ve been wanting desperately to go back to school and finish my grade 12 but every time I think of it, my 1 year old son comes to mind. The thought of leaving him even with his Father for just a few hours each week day while I go back to school, tears me apart!  And not only that, I can’t think of anything I would actually enjoy doing for “the rest of my life” that won’t take a lifetime to be able to do!

I know the day will come when my last baby enters the public education system and I will have all this time and no idea what to do with it and this scares me!

So there it is! I AM just a stay at home mom, and it IS OK!

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