The “Helicopter Parenting” Crisis

When I was a kid I remember having all kinds of freedom! Don’t get me wrong, I had rules and boundaries, but I did “what I wanted”. From 5 onward I remember walking down the street to the park or a block or so to a friends place to play all on my own. I remember playing outside for HOURS on end […]

Starting Your Own Food!

Image Courtesy of Growing up, my step-father had an amazing green thumb and we all much enjoyed our fresh produce. I of course did not pick up on any of his skills! I can barely keep a house plant alive! Green thumb or not though, I am determined to get my grow on! I live in the prairies of northern […]


Composting is a key component to successful homesteading. Think of all the daily kitchen scraps wasted! Start your composting bin to repurpose those scraps into your very own affordable – truly organic – fertilizer! There are many ways to go about this, but I’m all about simplicity, cost efficient and space savvy! After a bit of researching this is what I have […]