Starting Your Own Food!

Starting Your Own Food!

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Growing up, my step-father had an amazing green thumb and we all much enjoyed our fresh produce. I of course did not pick up on any of his skills! I can barely keep a house plant alive!

Green thumb or not though, I am determined to get my grow on!

I live in the prairies of northern BC, and the weather – even in the summer – isn’t always favourable to a young garden that may have some picky growers. The wind especially, can be horrendous! Thankfully – even in town – we have a fairly large sized yard, so I am waiting for the weather to warm up before my husband and I get to building the greenhouse I’ve always longed for!

In the meantime though, I am learning of ways to get started right now in the house!

I really only knew about the way we would grow flowers – buy the seed, plant the seed and wait.

Food however would take way longer then I’m willing to wait and with no guarantee. So I’ve been researching how to start growing food from the food itself!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed potatoes and garlic growing just while it sits in your cupboard, so how hard can this be right?

There are further details below, but this here is an amazing video I’ve come across for doing exactly that!

What You NEED

This is very basic for starting your indoor planters.

  • Vegetable scraps
  • Clear containers
  • Garden soil
  • Planter

Once you’re ready to move outside with your plants, you can start thinking about composting – if you have the space. And different greenhouse or garden ideas!

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