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Sexual Identity – “It’s 2018!”

Sexual Identity – “It’s 2018!”

Recently there’s been a lot of talk on facebook about the changes coming about, as we all ‘become more accepting’ of the growing LBGTQ+ community. Locally, there was one post that became so popular as to raise a brief column to be written in our local paper.

It was extremely brief and mainly mentioned her disgust at some peoples intolerance on the subject – The post started out as just a recent policy change to school washrooms. (I am NOT getting into that!) There were, however, two things that really irked me about her article.

The first was her reference to our era – “Last time I checked it was the year 2018” – like this is supposed to signify something. Not going to lie, some people can still be very judgemental and I’m sure there were a few uncalled for comments spawning on the post, but I for one think this particular generation has more mental and emotional instability than ever, and it’s not really that odd to see a debate over such a hot topic.

The second statement made her article – and this one really got me – was this:

“If we left some of these deeper conversations to every family to debate over the dinner table it would never happen. First off, there are few families who sit around a dinner table and there are even less out there who take the time to talk to their children. School is where children are shown a world map of reality…”

There are so many things I could say about that statement! However, I will refrain and get straight to my point.

First off I do need to say, we are a family that still gets together at the dinner table and one that absolutely talks to our children – especially about important topics related to sexuality & morale.

Now before I lose you completely with my controversial topic heading, let me also start off by saying this; A very beloved member of my own family is a very proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and I was raised to be accepting of an individuals rights to make their own choices. I am proud to teach my children to be accepting of everyone’s individual choice as well, but also to use their own minds to consider their own opinions aside from others.

The whole point everyone’s trying to make to everyone who is not part of the LGBTQ+ community is acceptance and inclusion. Let them feel ‘normal’.

But wait a minute!

Did you know you can’t even wish a child “Merry Christmas” in school anymore? In fact, if a child says it, they will be corrected as it is no longer considered ‘politically correct’. Also, did you know that in school, our children can be taught about all different religions both ancient and current – except for Christianity?

So why can they teach sexual identification?

Is that not just as much a lifestyle choice as Christianity?

If you can teach sexuality with the assumption that children will not be swayed in who they are and what they would have otherwise decided for themselves, then shouldn’t you be able to teach about God and The Holy Bible without ‘myth’, ‘theoretical’ or any other deterring opinions plastered around it?

Nowadays you need a permission slip for everything! Our kids needed a permission slip just to go into the forest at the end of the school field – where they play during recess anyways – to learn about science in nature.

Now let me just say, even as a Christian myself, I think God – among other topics – are conversations that are up to the parents to decide if it is suitable or not to bring up and how and when.

I’m all for teaching acceptance but there is a difference between teaching acceptance and teaching a way of life to minds that are too young to fully comprehend the influential topics that are being addressed without a parents guidance or consent.

If it’s really such a big deal to teach Sexual identity in schools, fine. Create a class and send out permission forms. This way, schools are teaching their new mandatory curriculum meanwhile, parents remain in control of what their children are being exposed to. Also those children who attend or don’t attend, won’t be singled out for a choice to attend something that wasn’t their decision to make.

Our schools shouldn’t be taking it upon themselves to raise our kids. That’s our job.

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