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My Eyes Were Opened So I Could Truly Start Living!

My Eyes Were Opened So I Could Truly Start Living!

I used to feel like I missed out on my opportunity for living and enjoying life because I had my kids so young.

I felt like it would be decades before I would get that chance again, because I couldn’t very well go back to school for a career while raising 3 children – not unless I left them behind and sacrificed their lives for mine! I also couldn’t just take off on my childhood dream of traveling the world aimlessly, enjoying the different cultures anymore.

But then I realized – as much as those are something I want to eventually do still – it’s not what makes a life worth living.

I’m not sure if I believe in God – the way the bible depicts Him at least. However, I feel this Homesteading journey is a lot closer to what was intended for us as human beings then anything else we tend to do as a modern society.

What is more living then growing and raising your own food, making your own health and beauty products and raising a family?

People ask their whole lives – “What is my purpose in life” – is that not our purpose? To take care of and live off the land and raise the next generation. Not what society has told us our whole lives that we need to become the richest, or most famous or most respected in a meaningless profession.

I will be 29 years old this May and I have finally found my purpose – my bliss – what I truly believe in without any compromise of self, and what I want to spend the rest of my life doing!

What I never realized – in a way – I’ve been doing it the whole time

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