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Money and Genealogy – a Right to Life?

Money and Genealogy – a Right to Life?

Just a few days ago, a church within our community sponsored a Syrian family. When the announcement of their arrival was posted on social media, there were countless bouts of negativity toward the whole idea of helping someone not from our country. I really feel the need to say something on this because the negativity is just too much!

You may not come from Syria or another Muslim country, but I can guarantee somewhere in your ancestral line you yourself were an immigrant, and not necessarily out of necessity as these people desperately are!

What ever happened to “love thy neighbor”?

I understand where a lot of the negativity is coming from though. Our economy is dropping and many Canadians are losing their jobs – some jobs are even being given to these refugees that many feel should be going first to True Canadians instead.

But what if we put aside the workforce for a minute. Stopped looking at everything in dollar $igns. Do these people – infants, children, parents, grand parents – human beings, Do They Not Deserve the same safety and security of life as we do?

The economy is crashing because the value of our dollar has fallen and so people are spending less money and everything’s costing more then it did before. There are comments in our very own town that are laughing at people for “not getting a proper education” and now being out of work and losing their homes.

Where is your compassion?

Do you all not see that you are the very people that are driving the economical greed that is now burdening us all? Everyone is so concerned with having the best of everything that no one considers the the true cost.

I grew up with a mother who always gave everything she had. If someone needed a place to stay, a hot meal, clothing – it didn’t matter if she had her own family to support. It didn’t matter that she was supporting that family on a single persons salary or with a spouse. Giving what she had to those who needed it was second nature to her.

If there is someone in need – we should be helping them. And we should be happy to do it!

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