Controlling The Masses – 2020 ‘PlanDemic’

At the risk of stirring controversy, here goes! Since the beginning of all this Covid-19 / coronavirus panic, I’ve questioned the legitimacy of the actual virus. I have no doubt it’s truly making people sick and more severe for others, but I have serious doubts about it’s origin and purpose – yes purpose! I’m a thinker. Even before I approch […]

“State-Sponsored Child Abuse”

What has this nation come to? When did #canada decide to obliterate #parentalrights? When did our #society decide that a #minor, without the right to vote or even the expectation of being mentally capable of providing sexual #consent or recently the right to get a job, was mentally fit to make PERMANENT #LifeChanging body altering decisions that will affect the rest of their lives! When did our #school and #medical systems become the #authority for shaping […]

True Confessions Of A Housewife

I’m a modern housewife of going on twelve years with three beautiful children and (for the most part) a great husband. I really actually can’t complain – it’s what I technically dreamed of as a young girl from an unstable broken home. Some days though! Have you ever dropped the kids off at school or just gotten in the car […]

Sexual Identity – “It’s 2018!”

Recently there’s been a lot of talk on facebook about the changes coming about, as we all ‘become more accepting’ of the growing LBGTQ+ community. Locally, there was one post that became so popular as to raise a brief column to be written in our local paper. It was extremely brief and mainly mentioned her disgust at some peoples intolerance […]

“Anti – Vaxers” of the 21st century!

You’re probably here expecting to read over the oh-so-common bashing of what CNN recorded as 5% of the USA population and between 73% and 91% of Canadians according to Ottawa. If you haven’t been paying attention, you may not have noticed that I would be one of those grouped under the ‘Anti – Vax’ label. Let me just say that […]