How To Feel Alive In a World That Only Promotes Existence…

For the past five years (at least) I’ve struggled a lot with depression – nothing ‘official’ –  and I’ve always managed to pull myself out of it. These last two years have been increasingly difficult as I struggle with where our lives are going and what the point of everything we do actually is. Each decision we make is shaping […]

5 Everyday Items Sneaking Carcinogens Into Your Household!

These days it’s nearlyimpossible to go 24 hours without exposing yourself to some sort of potentially dangerous substance or carcinogen. According to the American Cancer Society, carcinogens are the substances, situations, and exposures that can lead to cancer. Generally speaking, everyone’s risk of developing cancer varies, but the three main determinants are genetics, length of time you’re exposed to the substance, […]

It takes a Village

“It takes a village to raise a child.” – African Proverb This saying has been known for ages, and yet the meaning has been lost on this generation of parents. I’ve spoken about a few different issues plaguing this generations growing parenting crisis’. Parents seem to be constantly catering to their children and sheltering them from responsibilities and always thinking they can […]

My Eyes Were Opened So I Could Truly Start Living!

I used to feel like I missed out on my opportunity for living and enjoying life because I had my kids so young. I felt like it would be decades before I would get that chance again, because I couldn’t very well go back to school for a career while raising 3 children – not unless I left them behind […]

The “Helicopter Parenting” Crisis

When I was a kid I remember having all kinds of freedom! Don’t get me wrong, I had rules and boundaries, but I did “what I wanted”. From 5 onward I remember walking down the street to the park or a block or so to a friends place to play all on my own. I remember playing outside for HOURS on end […]

Perception is everything

When you buy bananas, do you avoid the ones with brown spots on them? What about people? If they drive a piece of crap or live in a trailer park – or on the street… If they have a scar on their face, purple hair, tattoos, piercings…. will you make the same effort to befriend them? Is your glass half […]