Canadian Culture “in” Canada

From the BC Coast to Quebec, to the maritimes, Territories and throughout – Canada prides itself on being multicultural, with Native / Aboriginal celebrations, french festivities, Highland Games and Celtic Festivals, and so much more! We have a wide variety of races, religions and languages throughout our fine country, and aside from some childishness that is mostly human nature – […]


There is always loads of controversy whenever anything comes up about vaccinations, whether for or against. This documentary film “VAXXED” got pulled from the Tribeca film festival for bringing up a long argued debate on the link between Autism and the MMR (Measels Mumps Rubella) Vaccine. In 2013, biologist Dr. Brian Hooker received a call from a Senior Scientist at […]

Money and Genealogy – a Right to Life?

Just a few days ago, a church within our community sponsored a Syrian family. When the announcement of their arrival was posted on social media, there were countless bouts of negativity toward the whole idea of helping someone not from our country. I really feel the need to say something on this because the negativity is just too much! You […]

This Effects All Of Us!

“Fresh Produce” That’s the latest marketing from Safeway, letting it’s patrons know that Finally, we have some fresh fruits and vegetables to treat our families to. We live in a town where many families make their livelihoods off of the oil and gas industry. Those within that industry – like everyone else – are being hit quite hard by the […]

Addiction Misunderstood

I’ve never believed in addiction the way most people have been taught about it. Not even when I went to an addictions councillor with my addict boyfriend when I was 18 – I honestly couldn’t believe the B.S. coming out of the guys mouth, I mean, has he ever actually experienced addiction? I’ve always felt that by labeling addictions, society […]

Inspiration to succeed

Let me start off by saying my Aunt is a teacher, my parents were teachers of a sort, and one of our good friends is a teacher. I am in no way trying to be disrespectful to this profession or those within it. As a mother I recognize that teaching someone can be hard! That being said, here’s what I […]